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Work faster, deploy with fewer errors, scale! Learn the secrets of Linux server automation with Chef with a professional video course.

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Introduction to Server Automation
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Scared of scaling?

Chef has scaled to 1000s of servers.

Forget how you setup your servers?

Chef forces your server instructions into code you can run and test for errors.

Worried about proprietary lock-in?

My course uses 100% Open Source (Apache2) tools.

Do I need multiple servers for this course?

No, you can run Chef locally from your computer.

Save Time!

Spending too much time managing your servers?

Worried about breaking something?

Chef automates tedious and error prone servers tasks saving you time and money!

Scared of using shell scripts for anything complicated?

Chef has builtin, easy to use, file and package management tools!

Easily handle RedHat, Ubuntu, and Windows

Disaster Recovery!

Worried about hackers? Malware?

Chef can easily rebuild your servers and restore your data!

What if an employee leaves?

Chef requires instructions to be in code so the new person can quickly take over.

(You can test this.)

Train Anywhere!

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Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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