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Complete Python Masterclass


Price: $400

Approximate Completion Time: 3 days

Student has 2 years from purchase to earn a certificate

Train your employees to be confident in Python programming and development. This is a complete course that starts with the basics of programming Python to implementing Data Structures and Algorithms, to full fledge application development in Flash, Django, and MongoDB.

Experience with a Unix-like terminal environment is required. Programming or scripting experience is not required, but is highly recommended.

Mac OS X users: Python2 is included in Mac OS X. Python3 is required for this course. An Ubuntu 18.04 (or later) Virtual Machine is highly recommend as the quickest option to get setup with Python 3.

  • An introduction to Python, tools, and the Python ecosystem
  • Programming basics: printing, variables, branching, loops, functions, and objects
  • Structuring the program, using drivers, troubleshooting problems, limitations of Python, researching solutions
  • The Python C Interface, interfacing with C programs
  • Data Science with Python, setting up multi dimensional arrays and graphing data
  • Learning Web Fundamentals, setting up a minimalist web application with Flask
  • Learning Modern Full Website Development: master MVC and ORMs by setting up a Django application with a database
  • Mastering Database Programming: master writing direct applications with Python and MongoDB

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