About My Courses!

Many business owners and supervisors want to adopt Open Source to escape the problems of the closed source software market, but feel uncertain about finding employees with the skills.

Wyatt Tech Courses's mission is to provide accessible IT training for employees new to Linux and other Open Source technologies. I offer automated video and live training for common and rare open source technologies. You can feel confident that our automated video training can help you quickly onboard new employees.

I can train not only your Windows IT professionals in advanced Linux systems, but also your non-technical employees to feel confident about using Ubuntu and other open source technologies.

My first course is on Chef, a server automation technology. If you have heard of DevOps, Chef offers a great oppertunity to learn this technology.

My Courses are:

* Accessible - I can teach people who have never heard of Linux or Open Source.

* Automated - employees can learn at their own pace and with schedules compatible with your business.

* In valuable technologies - I make courses on on topics that provide value and reduce your business's training time and expenses.

Founded & Operated in Redondo Beach, California