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Free Tutorials

Resources by other creators on using open source technologies


Stephen offers a simple tutorial on getting Ubuntu onto a USB drive on Windows.

Inkscape & GIMP

Logos by Nick offers a wide variety of tutorials on common graphic design tasks.

  • GIMP = Adobe Photoshop®
  • Inkscape = Adobe Illustrator®

FreeNAS, FreePBX

Lawerence runs a successful technology services company. He does reviews and tutorials on open source business applications such as FreeNAS (media server) and FreePBX (telephone management). He also does videos on running his business.

Jupiter Broadcasting has been doing Linux and Open Source podcasts and Youtube videos for years. Check out their latest shows: Linux Action News & Ask Noah.

OBS (Open Broadcast Studio)

EposVox has one of the most comprehensive tutorials on OBS so far. 46 videos and counting.


The Frugal Computer Guy does great, comprehensive videos on LibreOffice. You can find great videos learning the different components of a modern office suite.

  • LibreOffice Writer = Microsoft Word®
  • LibreOffice Calc = Microsoft Excel®
  • LibreOffice Impress = Microsoft PowerPoint®
  • LibreOffice Base = Microsoft Access®